4 Bears Casino Launches Expansion

Construction is in progress on three expansion projects at 4 Bears Casino near New Town, North Dakota. The grand ballroom, which will hold 400 people, and the new slot room, which will allow smoking, will be completed this month. The 85,000 square foot, 4,000-person event center will open in July 2016.

4 Bears Casino near New Town, North Dakota is expanding with a grand ballroom, slot machine room and events center. General Manager Patrick Packineau said, “It makes us a more diversified casino.”

Both the grand ballroom and the new slot room will be completed by the end of this month, Packineau said. He added smoking will be allowed in the slot room, which will have a dozen air vents to absorb the smoke. Said Packineau, “It’ll be state of the art. The air will be circulated in there and in that part of the casino. It will be magnificent.”

The new grand ballroom will accommodate 400 people, and offer flat screen TVs, chandeliers and a seating area. “It’ll be a great multipurpose entertainment facility,” Packineau said.

The 85,000 square foot event center, to be completed in July 2016, will accommodate 4,000 people. “We’ve always had concerts, but now we have a newer more up to date facility in which our customers can enjoy those types of events,” Packineau said.

All services and amenities will be available during construction, he noted. “Once you’re inside, the casino our hotel is in full operation and so are all of our services here in the casino. Restaurants, lounges are open and ready for business and ready to serve our clientele.”