666Bet Under Fire from Customers

666Bet has had to reaffirm its stance that it can’t issue money to players while it is offline. The online gambling site is being reviewed by the UK gambling Commission, which has said the company can pay out winnings while under review.

666Bet has some angry customers since a UK gaming review knocked it off line, but is standing by its position that it can’t pay out money while its site is dark.

In a statement released on its Facebook page, 666Bet called a recent statement by the UK Gambling Commission that the company doesn’t need to have a license—which is suspended—to pay customers “misleading.”

The company says it needs to be online to process the payments. It said many third party providers, including its payment providers, had “immediately cancelled or suspended” their contracts with the company pending its return as a “white label.”

“We have been in negotiations with a third-party provider to allow us to return so customers can authorize withdrawals, quickly and smoothly,” the company said. “Our potential provider explicitly informed us in good faith that this move needs to be sanctioned by the UKGC.

“We understand customers’ frustrations and fully appreciate their concerns, not helped by erroneous and inaccurate press reports—both in print and online—that have helped to muddy the waters. We have been doing everything within our power to refund customers fully but are now waiting on the aforementioned parties to reach an agreement so we can proceed as planned,” the statement said.

Metro Play Limited’s license—which covers both the Metroplay.com and 666bet.com sites—was suspended by both the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UKGC. The suspension has been linked to money a laundering and fraud investigation that has led to arrests in the UK, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, including 666Bet director Paul Bell.