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‘A’ for Advertising Innovation

The Cosmopolitan resort of Las Vegas may not be breaking revenue records in Sin City, but it’s breaking new ground in innovative resort advertising.

The financially challenged Cosmopolitan resort in Las Vegas, which has yet to turn a profit since its opening in December 2010, has engineered a creative campaign that could help to change its fortunes.

The $3.9 billion casino-hotel is investing big-time in an unusual advertising approach that includes running ads in movie theaters, creating stylish, sexy seven-page inserts for magazines like Esquire and Vanity Fair, and offering mints and coupons on United Airline flights, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The Cosmopolitan does a terrific job,” said Jim Signorelli, CEO of ESW Partners in Chicago. “Most casino advertising is centered around come and play and win. They are selling an attitude that goes beyond what the typical casino promotes.”

Signorelli said Cosmopolitan is reaching out to consumers who ordinarily might not consider patronizing a casino. “Instead of selling the church, they are selling the religion,” he said.

Cosmo’s Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Marchese is behind the blitz, which in the past has wrapped taxis in Las Vegas with advertisements.

“We’ve always tried to find unique ways to connect with customers,” said Marchese, who also places gift boxes on flights that travel through McCarran International Airport. “It’s been a fantastic way to reach visitors. Even if they aren’t staying at the Cosmopolitan, we’re hopeful we will get them interested in visiting our property.”