Acres Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer

Acres Manufacturing has launched the Optimal Poker Analyzer, a software application designed to help casinos maximize profits on video poker by strategically optimizing marketing and operations.

Acres Launches Optimal Poker Analyzer

Acres Manufacturing Company has announced the launch of the Optimal Poker Analyzer, a software application that allows casinos to maximize profit on video poker.

The program applies advanced analytics from Acres Manufacturing’s newly launched Foundation casino management system to evaluate every decision made in video poker, enabling casinos to strategically optimize marketing and operations.

“Optimal Poker Analyzer shows the true value of every video poker player and ranks all players according to skill level and profitability,” said Noah Acres, chief operating officer of Acres Manufacturing. “Casinos can assign an individual marketing budget to each player, funded entirely by the value of the player’s errors. With Optimal Poker Analyzer, casinos can specifically market to high-value patrons with no risk of exposure to advantage players.”

Optimal Poker Analyzer works by interfacing to Acres Manufacturing’s Foundation casino management system, which provides granular data on every hand played. Accessing the actual card values as they’re dealt, Optimal Poker Analyzer instantly recognizes the optimal play strategy of each hand and grades the player’s actual in-hand decision as a deviation from the expected return of the optimal strategy.

Video poker is a staple in the casino industry, specifically in the high-frequency local markets like Nevada. Due to the skill factor involved, highly skilled players—known as advantage players—are able to achieve a positive expected return that causes casinos to lose money. These losses are increased when factoring marketing offers such as free play or other rewards that are designed to incentivize play. Many casinos have responded by adapting their video poker strategy by reducing the number of games and incentives offered.

Approved for use in Nevada and other major jurisdictions, Optimal Poker Analyzer works on any game with Foundation installed and across all variants of video poker. Foundation does not require a floor-wide install.