Alabama Democrats Will Introduce Gaming Bill

Democrats, the minority caucus in the Alabama Legislature, plan to introduce gambling bills legalizing sports betting, a lottery and casino gambling in 2024. Passing them could be a challenge as bipartisan support would be required.

Alabama Democrats Will Introduce Gaming Bill

At the recent Pro-Growth Policy Conference, which will help set Alabama Democrats’ 2024 legislative goals, House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels announced he will propose bills legalizing sports betting, a state lottery and casino gambling, according to WSFA-12 News.

Daniels said the conference will present national sports betting experts, lottery vendors and other gaming professionals. Daniels said, “We want our members to get a full picture. Pro-growth means pro-Alabama, looking at ways to improve where we are.”

Daniels said gaming revenue could help improve the state’s education system, boost economic development, particularly in rural communities, and assist small businesses still recovering from the pandemic.

To pass gaming bills, Democrats in the legislature would need support from Republicans who hold 77 of 105 seats in the House and 27 of 34 seats in the Senate.

Alabama is one of just five states without a lottery. Currently three tribal casinos operate in the state.