Alberta Extends Casino Moratorium

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has extended a moratorium on new casino licenses, in place since 2008, for an indefinite period.

The province of Alberta, Canada, has extended its moratorium on issuing new casino licenses indefinitely. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, which grants permission for new casinos, has had the moratorium in place since 2008 to prevent market oversaturation. Previous extensions were for specific time periods.

“What they’re looking at now is, let’s extend it indefinitely, and let’s keep a close eye on the market,” AGLC spokeswoman Michelle Hynes-Dawson told the Edmonton Journal. “Let’s do our studies, let’s do our reviews and talk with our stakeholders. Is there market demand and room for more gaming opportunities?

“It’s more of an ongoing commitment now to continuously review. If in 18 months time or in five years, the market’s showing there might be new opportunities there, then we can go right back to the board with that request.”