AlfaStreet to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

AlfaStreet Gaming Instruments will use the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming trade show to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

Slovenia’s AlfaStreet Gaming Instruments, a leading supplier of automated roulette and other electronic and electro-mechanical table games, announced it will be using February’s ICE Totally Gaming trade show in London to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

“This year’s show will mark a special milestone for us as we are preparing a largely anticipated machine, that is destined to change the world of electronic gaming machines, with a unique fusion of past and future,” said Sales Director Albert Radman.

“In this period we have acquired a trend-setter status, which we are keen to maintain. To honor our tradition in exceeding the expectations of the audience in the world of gaming, we are preparing great surprises for the upcoming edition of the show. All the people present at our booth will get the taste of the future in gaming instrument production.”

One new product line to launched at ICE is a single-terminal version of the company’s multi-player automated table games.

“The never-before-seen touch screen dimensions, combined with a revolutionary ergonomic setup and infinite adaptability, will make it a future point of reference for all the machines in its class,” said Radman. “As we wouldn’t like to spoil the surprise, we want you to experience it yourself and truly appreciate the work and dedication that has gone into the engineering of all the novelties.

“The above mentioned machines are only a part of what we have prepared for this year’s edition of ICE. Our 2014 booth will be packed with surprises. It is a special occasion as we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary and we want to make every visitor welcome and comfortable to experience the fruits of our collective effort, devotion and passion that will shine hard through our machines.”