Aristocrat Enters Washington Systems Market

Aristocrat Gaming has entered the casino systems market in the state of Washington, converting the system at BJ’s Bingo & Casino to the Oasis 360 casino management platform.

Aristocrat Enters Washington Systems Market

BJ’s Bingo & Casino in Fife, Washington, has partnered with Aristocrat Gaming to bring a rewarding employee and customer experience to their guests and a more data-driven tool box to the casino staff. Aristocrat converted BJ’s existing system to its technologically advanced Oasis 360 casino management system.

The conversion marks a milestone for Aristocrat’s Oasis 360, as it is the first casino system entry in Washington state replacing a legacy system. Aristocrat is on an aggressive schedule of converting dozens of casinos across the U.S. to Oasis 360.

“We worked closely with BJ’s to design a package of solutions to address a number of their business challenges, filled with innovative marketing, engagement, and operational tools that empower them to retain and grow their customer base within a competitive market,” said Cath Burns, executive vice president of customer experience solutions for Aristocrat.

“Our commitment to both guest and operator experience is at the heart of everything we do, and great partnerships of this kind are the driving force in continuing to move our industry technologies forward.”

BJ’s players will benefit from Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system with new ways to win, earn bonuses, engage, and have exciting incremental visits. Powering the player experience are Aristocrat’s One Link Loyalty Kiosk, PlayerMax Mobile, and other engagement tools.

“We are always looking for new and exciting things to bring to our guests,” said Jennynne DeNoble, general manager of BJ’s Bingo & Casino, “whether it be a new slot title, expansion projects, or in this case the implementation of brand-new technology. We remain committed to our guests and cannot wait to hear player feedback about our new Speed Slots Room & One Link experience.”

BJ’s casino staff will also benefit from the Oasis 360 system, with several tools that greatly enhance operational efficiency including EnrollMix, nVision, and Unattended Jackpots. Each of these applications empowers team members to improve processes that ultimately result in enhanced guest experiences.

The Oasis 360 casino management system and its leading technologies are part of Aristocrat’s comprehensive offering of customer experience (CX) solutions.