Armenia Bans Online Gambling Ads

Armenia’s government is close to issuing new regulations that would ban most advertising for online gambling sites. The move is aimed at cutting down exposure of the sites to underage and problem gamblers.

Armenia’s government has approved a measure that would sharply restrict advertisements for online gambling.

According to Armenpress, 91 or the country’s MPs voted in favor of the changes to the Law of the Republic of Armenia on ‘Gambling and Casinos’ and ‘Advertising.

Advertisements will be banned on television, radio, or other outlets. Advertising will only be allowed at game centers, some hotels which have a 4 Star rating and entry points to the country.

Armenian officials say they feel limiting the advertising will help combat gambling addiction and underage gambling.

“In particular, it is planned to restrict gambling commercials to prevent people’s passion for gambling and to create equal market conditions for all companies doing such businesses, since it is prohibited now to advertise gambling in casinos,” said Vakhtang Mirumyan, deputy finance minister for the country.