Atlantic City Alliance Takes New Approach

Atlantic City Alliance, the nonprofit group led by Liza Cartmell (l.) and formed to market Atlantic City to tourists plans to augment communications efforts by focusing on specific events to promote tourism.

The Atlantic City Alliance, the nonprofit group charged with spending million per year from the casinos to promote Atlantic City and the surrounding region to tourists, is planning to change its approach.

In addition to communications efforts like its “Do AC” media marketing campaign, the ACA will focus on marketing specific events, according to Liza Cartmell, the organization’s president. “It’s definitely important for me to see these beach communities survive and thrive economically,” Cartmell told a gathering of the Public Relations Council of Greater Atlantic City.

Cartmell said the organization will reduce its brand marketing campaign from 86 percent of its advertising dollars to 30 percent, and increase spending in promotion of specific events, such as city-wide concerts and festivals, to 47 percent. She added that the organization will concentrate on promoting the city’s free beach access and other amenities outside of the casinos.

“We’re here to sell Atlantic City to visitors and its surrounding communities,” Cartmell said.