Atlantic City Casino Job Fair Attracts More than 1,300

The Golden Nugget Atlantic City held an “emergency” job fair to find 50 new employees. More than 1,300 applicants turned out.

With casino jobs at a premium in Atlantic City more than 1,300 people turned out for a Golden Nugget job fair aimed at filling 50 casino positions.

Golden Nugget officials have said the casino’s business has picked up substantially in the last month and called an “emergency” job fair to fill 50 new positions.

Part of the pick-up has come from new customers coming to the Nugget from the Atlantic Club casino in January. And apparently many of the 1,600 employees thrown out of work by the closing are also looking to spend time at the Golden Nugget.

Tom Pohlman, the casino’s general manager, said several thousand former Atlantic Club customers have received players’ club cards at the Nugget since the shutdown.

“It’s important to us to maintain a certain standard of customer service, and we need to bring in immediate help,” he told the Associated Press. “It’s unfortunate to see how many people are here because that means a lot of people in Atlantic City are out of a job. But there are great candidates here, and we can pick the best of the best.”

The casino had advertised it was hiring 50 people, but Pohlman said the casino will probably add 100 new employees with at least 50 of them being new dealers. Those who aren’t hired will have their applications considered for summer seasonal work, he said.