Australian Officials Unveil BetStop, A New Self-Exclusion Register

Problem gamblers in Australia will soon be able to register on a self-exclusion platform known as BetStop, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The service is expected to debut in the near future.

Australian Officials Unveil BetStop, A New Self-Exclusion Register

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has debuted BetStop, a new registration system where problem gamblers can voluntarily exclude themselves from gaming services, specifically iGaming.

Going forward, the nation’s iGaming operators will be required to feature BetStop on both their website and their marketing materials, according to the ACMA.

Additionally, once a bettor registers with BetStop, applicable operators must immediately remove them from their services list and deactivate their accounts. The ACMA said that bettors can set a time limit on their self-exclusion, from as little as three months to permanently.

Nerida O’Loughlin, chairwoman of the ACMA, told Inside Asian Gaming that the new register will “help those at risk of gambling harm to take control of their situation, allowing them to block themselves from all licensed online and phone wagering services in a single process.”

She noted that BetStop will be fully operational “in the coming months,” and that now is the time “for the industry to get ready and to have their systems and processes in place to protect their customers and use BetStop.”