Bally Technology, Sportradar Team Up to Boost Fan Activation

A new deal between Bally Technology and Sportradar will utilize the sports tech company’s game stats and contextual data to power global fan activation.

Bally Technology, Sportradar Team Up to Boost Fan Activation

On November 29, Tally Technology announced a new partnership with Sportradar to power its new fan activation platform.

The deal brings Sportradar data from major leagues in basketball, baseball, ice hockey and football to Tally. This will allow fans of those leagues around the world to engage with long-form, data-driven content, including prediction games during the season and trivia contests in the off-season, allowing teams and rights holders to remain connected to fans all-year round.

In utilizing data from Sportradar within a continuous fan engagement platform, Tally is able to create ongoing touch points for fans through content that really matters to them and social experiences that boost retention.

In turn, Tally’s platform provides the tools to turn high-frequency engagement into value, with the new uniform game environment for sports rights holders worldwide generating actionable first-party data and performance marketing providing an avenue for return on investment.

Brad Vettese, CEO of Tally, said: “The inclusion of Sportradar in Tally’s fan activation platform means that we can automate high-value destinations for avid and casual fans using competition and collaboration at scale on a global basis. Fans can actively engage with the Tally content- and friend groups that matters to them. … Our platform can then utilize the data generated to provide actionable, revenue-generating insights to rights-holders.”

Over the past four years, Tally has recorded more than 20 million predictions from unique users across North, Central and South America. It is the fan engagement platform choice of CONCACAF, the Green Bay Packers, the Buffalo Bills, the Seattle Seahawks, the Atlanta Hawks, the Saint Louis Blues, the Edmonton Oilers, the Los Angeles Kings, Ceara and Atlético MG.