BetConstruct Offers iGaming Site Production

BetConstruct has launched a service under which customers will be able to create a fully functional online gaming website and evaluate it before going live.

BetConstruct, a developer of online and land-based betting and gaming services, has launched a new facility that will allow customers to create a fully functional betting and gaming website.

Customers will be able to create their trial site and evaluate it using credits, before deciding whether to go ahead and purchase the final product. Each website offers a choice of user interface, and customers will have access to direct assistance from the BetConstruct sales team.

“Providing immediate and straightforward access to a customized gaming website is part of a wider initiative to build flexibility and customer choice into our sales process,” said Vahe Baloulian, chief executive officer of BetConstruct. “It is now possible to purchase BetConstruct’s product and service offerings with or without the direct assistance of our sales managers.

“The future of a prospect’s online gaming business can be experienced immediately and without any financial obligations.”