California Casino Could Lose License Over Shuffling Of Funds

The Casino M8trix card room in San Jose, California, could lose its license over allegations that its owners are hiding profits from state regulators and from taxation.

The California Gaming Control Commission May 29 will reconsider the license renewals of several casinos in the state, including that of San Jose’s Casino M8trix card room. State Bureau of Gambling Control director Wayne Quint has recommended revoking the licenses of several owners of the M8trix casino, who alleges that they have hidden 9 million from gambling regulators, reducing reported income through several trusts and LLC’s. The casino has 49 card tables.

The owners have been accused of engaging in a “shell game” to hide profits from taxation by the local, state and federal governments. The casino has also neglected to make required annual payments to help fund a gambling addiction program, as required under an agreement with the city.

A spokesman for the casino, Sean Kali-Rai called the charges, “unfounded,” and promised to prove that during the legal process. Of the license renewal process, he commented, “They are constantly being renewed. There is constant oversight for all card rooms in California. This is no different.”