Canada to Consider Full Sports Betting

With a new liberal government about to take control of Canada’s government, NDP MP Brian Masse (l.) say they plan to revive a measure to legalize single-game sports betting in Canada. Provincial lotteries currently are the only Canadian entities that legally can offer sports-betting wagers, but many lawmakers want casinos to have the option, too.

Canadian lawmakers intend to take another look at a previously defeated measure that would allow single-game sports wagers in Canada.

With Canada’s Democrat party now in charge of the government, party members say they intend to revive the dead bill, but they can’t do anything until the a new cabinet is sworn in and the House of Commons is recalled.

The prior effort to legalize sports betting in Canada, the C-290 Sports Betting Bill, won approval in the House of Commons in 2012 but did not see action in the Senate and eventually died.

NDP lawmaker Brian Masse said he will re-introduce the measure as a new bill with some changes and anticipates a better reception, but there are no assurances it will fare any better.

Canadian law currently restricts sports betting to provincial lottery corporations, but many lawmakers would like to see it expanded so that licensed sports books can operate in casinos.

While some Canadian lawmakers are looking at sports betting, Nova Scotia is undertaking a $100,000 survey to determine the effects of online gambling on provincial residents. MQO Research will poll 10,000 Nova Scotia residents to better assess their opinions, feelings, and experiences regarding online gambling.

Nova Scotia officials want to know if there are any social problems from internet gaming that they might be able to address.