Carcamo to Host Virtual Marketing Boot Camp, March 1-3

Casino marketing will be at the center of an online marketing boot camp to take place March 1-3 from New Orleans. Founder Julia Carcamo (l.) says the program is open to up to 16 virtual participants.

Carcamo to Host Virtual Marketing Boot Camp, March 1-3

An online casino marketing boot camp will take place March 1-3 from New Orleans. Hosted by program founder Julia Carcamo, brand strategist and president of New Orleans-based J. Carcamo Associates, says the program will present the basics of casino marketing and share how to create stronger engagement through gamification. It will also focus on social casinos, digital marketing and financial acumen.

The virtual program, now in its third year, will be open to up to 16 participants.

“This training was an eye-opener for me and it has changed how I want to move forward in my casino marketing career,” said Deirdre Fojuwaye, marketing assistant director at Yakama Nation Legends Casino, who attended the 2020 boot camp.

“We wanted more of a teaching environment versus a panel-discussion environment,” Carcamo told CDC Gaming Reports. “It’s a small gathering. We want to do one-on-one with everybody, versus sitting among a hundred or two hundred people in a room.”

“All the attendees will feel comfortable in the space, so they all start to share a little more and become more of a team working together, even though they represent different properties. In the end, they can say either this made total sense or we tried it and it didn’t work,” Carcamo said.

The sessions will start at 8 a.m. PT and end at 1 p.m. Each session will last about an hour.

“This year, there’s a lot more digital, and a lot more in terms of engagement. One of the sessions is on how to keep customers here longer once they get to us. The folks at American iGaming Solutions will do a session on how your social casino can extend your marketing,” Carcamo said.

“We recognize now that people aren’t readily making these visits to us, so when they do, we want to make sure we’re acknowledging them and getting to know them better on both the front and back ends, so we can engage with them at a deeper level.”

“Marketers are being forced to focus on that. Pre-COVID, we tended to spread our attention to the whole a hundred percent equally. Now we’re saying that if eighty percent of the revenue is coming from twenty percent of my database, I’m going to spend eighty percent of my time on that percent. The balance is shifting and from advertising, we definitely see a shift more in the digital space than the traditional space. Social media gave us a channel to our customers that was a lot more fluid than we had experienced before. Now, we started a social-influencer series for marketers. It has become a bigger part of the puzzle.”

The keynote speaker is Len Herstein and his discussion will be “Strategies to Stop Complacency, Improve Performance, and Safeguard Success. Your Business & Life Depend on It.”

Carcamo said they are also doing webinars during the year and developing online training modules. They have a casino-advertising masterclass starting in April and are working on casino branding online training.

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