Circa Colorado Adds Global Payments Solutions

Last week, Global Payments announced that Circa Sports Colorado is the first online sports betting operator to use its new online banking feature, expected to improve the user experience for customers.

Circa Colorado Adds Global Payments Solutions

On October 10, Global Payments Gaming Solutions announced that Circa Sports Colorado is the first online sports betting operator to integrate its new online banking feature.

The new integration is expected to boost enrollment approval conversion and radically improve the user experience for Global Payments’ industry-standard ACH network, VIP Preferred.

Circa patrons can choose whether to enter their bank information manually or use online banking credentials, allowing for faster and easier enrollment. Existing patrons can also enjoy this up-to-date technology by using this online banking enhancement to add additional funding sources to their VIP account.

The changes to VIP Preferred are designed to increase enrollment approval, improve enrollment speed, eliminate manual entry mishaps and emphasize safety and security. The Online Banking integration is also intended to appeal to younger patrons who are more likely to use bank credentials.

“Circa Sports has always sought to inspire the classic gambling experience, but we wanted to implement forward-thinking technology in our sports betting platform,” said Circa Sports founder and CEO Derek Stevens. “Global Payments’ VIP Preferred with an online banking integration delivers a seamless payments process that doesn’t get in the way of the experience. We are thrilled to work with Global Payments, and we cannot wait to see how this continued relationship will impact our patrons.”

“We are never complacent with the products we offer. We are always searching for new enhancements that create additional value and improve the overall experience,” said Christopher Justice, President of Global Payments Gaming Solutions. “These latest enhancements, which is one of many future enhancements, represent the next step for VIP Preferred, and Circa Sports Colorado will be the first gaming institution to offer this innovative solution.”