Cirque to Revamp ‘Believe’ and ‘Love’

Cirque plans an $8 million remake of its popular Love show at the Mirage in Las Vegas, and intends a gala red carpet event to celebrate the revamped show’s 10 anniversary on the Las Vegas Strip. Meanwhile, a Cirque official says the Criss Angel Believe show at the Luxor needs a “big refresh.”

In an effort to keep them fresh, Cirque intends to rework its Believe and Love shows, which have proven popular but are getting long in the tooth.

Love has played at the Mirage for almost a decade and celebrates its 10th anniversary in June 2016, and Cirque President Jerry Nadal said the company will spend $8 million to rework the show and likely hold a gala red carpet opening night for the new edition.

The new show will feature technical changes, new choreography, and new music. Designer Miles Martin has full access to all Beatles recordings to create an entirely new show.

Likewise, he said Criss Angel’s Believe show featuring illusions and magic acts at the Luxor also will undergo a reworking, possibly starting in January, but the budget and timeline are not in place yet.

The show is in the seventh year of a 10-year contract, and Nadal told the Las Vegas Sun “we need a big refresh.”