Clarion Acquires Quartz Events

Clarion Events has acquired California-based Quartz Events, a producer of invitation-only summits featuring top executives in guaranteed meeting programs.

Clarion Acquires Quartz Events

Clarion Events, one of the world’s leading independent event organizers and portfolio company of Blackstone, announced it has acquired California-based Quartz Events, the fastest growing producer of invitation-only, executive summits.

“The acquisition comes at the perfect time,” said Greg Topalian, Clarion Events North American CEO. “The Quartz Team has both figured out how to unlock customer value at an executive level with their guaranteed meetings program, while also making one of the most brilliant transitions I’ve seen to virtual.

“Their digital business model fits perfectly with our virtual strategy and will accelerate growth for Clarion both in North America and globally.”

This acquisition ensures Clarion can focus on providing customer value through their guaranteed meetings programs MATCH, and by boosting both online and in-person communities.

“I am excited at the opportunity to further expand our reach under the Clarion umbrella,” said Toby Harris, president and CEO of Quartz Events. “We’ve developed some innovative new ways to build audiences and grow our current markets. With Clarion’s global reach, we are well-positioned for future market growth as well. As an entrepreneur, I was drawn to Clarion because of the cultural fit and the entrepreneur mindset within the organization.”

Clarion Events’ diversified business model has expanded and evolved through high-growth market acquisitions, and varied expansion across industry sectors with a solid emphasis on digital and virtual products. Quartz Events is expected to invigorate Clarion’s expected growth and business development as they are viewed as a leader in the executive summit space, with a successful transition to online, resulting in first-rate value virtual North American executive summits.

Clarion Events operates more than 180 events in 50 countries around the world, and is one of the oldest independent event organizers in the U.K.