Codere Online Announces New Board Director

Codere Online has announced the departure of board director Alejandro Rodino and the appointment of his successor, Borja Fernández. The online gaming operator serves Spain and Latin America.

Codere Online Announces New Board Director

Codere Online, a leading online gaming operator in Spain and Latin America, recently announced that Alejandro Rodino has resigned as director of the company and been replaced by Borja Fernández.

Rodino was one of four directors appointed by Codere Newco S.A. and recently increased his responsibilities after becoming co-CEO of the Codere Group. At a board of directors meeting this month, Codere Online acknowledged Rodino’s resignation as member of the board and non-voting observer of its audit committee.

Fernández’s appointment as director must be formally approved by shareholders at the next general shareholder meeting.

Fernández brings more than 17 years of experience as director on multiple boards and across different sectors as well as 24 years of private equity, structured finance, capital markets and corporate CFO experience.

He currently serves as managing partner for Ahorro Corporación Financiera in Madrid, where he leads the private equity and corporate investment banking (CIB) practices. He holds a BA in business administration from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and speaks four languages.