Connecticut Gaming Tribes Should Work Together, says Mohegan Chairman

Although the Mohegan Sun and the Pequots of Connecticut own rival casinos, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they might work together on regional marketing schemes, according to Mohegan Chairman Kevin Brown (l.).

Although the Mohegan Sun has lost (at least for the moment) its bid to build a casino resort near Boston, the chairman of the Mohegan Tribe says that it should not give up the struggle to prospect—and should reach out to its rival to accomplish this.

Chairman Kevin Brown declared last week, “We lost the battle, not the war.” He adds, “I’m reaching for extra sandbags.”

That means doing something that might have once seemed unthinkable, partnering with the archrival Pequots, owners of Foxwoods casino. In addition, the tribe is moving into non-gaming enterprises, such as sports teams and restaurant franchises. They are even expanding into manufacturing wood pellets.

He hints at possible cooperation between the two Connecticut gaming tribes on shopping centers, hotels and regional marketing. He is also talking to regional business leaders, such as Tony Sheridan, chief operating officer of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut.

Brown also concedes that his tribe is also looking at trying to bring sports betting to the state.