Cosmopolitan Undergoing Marketing Repositioning

Known for catering to trendy, younger bettors, the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has switched its marketing efforts to bring in more older, traditional bettors, who are more likely to spend more time and money at the casino’s slot machines and gaming tables, and announced the planned 2016 opening of a new breakfast-focused restaurant.

Once catering almost exclusively to high-end clientele and industries, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has switched gears and is marketing its gambling services to locals and others who were not among its young and hip clients just two years ago.

Likely facing strong competition for younger gamblers, who often spend less time betting and more time engaging in other activities while in Las Vegas than their older counterparts, the Cosmopolitan recently has begun targeting older visitors and locals with offers for free slot play and other promotions.

The Cosmopolitan has become more aggressive in its marketing to tourists and locals over age 45, but that market also faces strong competition from many other gaming operations on the Las Vegas Strip and nearby. Helping its efforts, the Cosmopolitan is located among thousands of hotel rooms at its location and at nearby casinos and hotels that are less than a block away.

With such a potential trove of gambling visitations, the Cosmopolitan is working to boost more foot traffic among visitors at other casinos, while also drawing in more older, traditional gamblers, who often have deep pockets and spend more time at slot machines and gaming tables than their younger counterparts.

While its marketing is getting more active in targeting older traditional gamblers, the Cosmopolitan continues adding attractions that appeal to younger, trendier bettors, with the announced 2016 opening of Eggslut at the Strip casino.

Eggslut is a restaurant offering breakfast fares, some with unsavory names, like “Slut.” The 1,500-square-foot restaurant will seat 20 and have a takeout order window.