Crown Under Fire Over High Roller

A high roller in Australia is not taking a $17 million loss without a fight. Yu Zhusheng claims he was deceived by the Crown Casino’s Mahogany Room (l.) when a monitor displaying baccarat hands displayed the incorrect winning hand, which affected his playing strategy.

High roller Yu Zhusheng recently went on a nasty streak in Crown Casino’s Mahogany Room, dropping million at baccarat in less than a week, but is pointing the blame in Crown’s direction. Yu claims the table he played at was sketchy, and is suing Crown Casino for “deceptive and misleading” conduct.

Yu claims to have realized something was fishy after a $300,000 bet was made at the end of his streak. According to Yu, the monitor displayed a win for the incorrect hand, before the final card for the hand was even revealed.

According to a write filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Yu alleges Crown engaged in “conduct that was misleading of deceptive or likely to mislead and deceive,” as he felt the improper display of winning hands affected his playing strategy.

“If Mr Yu had been aware that the monitor representation was untrue, he would not have gambled at Crown Casino and lost that sum of money,” the writ said.

A spokeswoman for Crown said the casino had not been issued with any notice referring to legal proceedings. She said if a player was not satisfied with an internal investigation, they get referred to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on-site inspectors.