Czech Republic to Tax Rogue Gaming Operators

The Czech Republic is taking a hard line on unlicensed gaming operators in the country. The Ministry of Finance plans to levy a tax on the companies to compensate for estimated losses to the government. That figure has been set at €17 million annually.

Unlicensed gaming operators in the Czech Republic could be hit with a tax amounting to €17 million per year. According to, some operators may pull out of the market if the government exacts the tax, which is meant to penalize them for siphoning off revenues from licensed operators and thus the government.

The government currently requires that gaming operators establish a physical presence in the country. But last year officials announced a change that would enable companies to gain a license without having to meet this requirement.

The new tax and the change in the law are both meant to encourage operators to seek licensure. But the costs may “end up driving them away,” according to