DAZN Bet Chooses U.K. as First Market for New Rollout

DAZN will introduce the DAZN Bet brand in the U.K. The new betting brand follows a partnership with Pragmatic Solutions. The deal creates what is referred to as a social gambling experience.

DAZN Bet Chooses U.K. as First Market for New Rollout

DAZN, which made its name as a sports streaming media company, will launch a new service in the U.K. Known as DAZN Bet, the betting brand developed in the aftermath of a partnership with Pragmatic Solutions, is being labelled as a social gambling experience for sports fans, according to SportsPro.

The U.K. is the first market to experience the platform. DAZN Bet will expand in Spain and Canada later this year, as well as other European markets. DAZN sees the rollout as a way to learn how subscribers interact with a betting offer.

“The initial launch of DAZN Bet is the start of an exciting journey across media and sports betting and further delivers on commitments we have made to revitalize sports viewing for fans,” said Mark Kemp, DAZN Bet chief executive.

“We are on a mission to create a richer entertainment product that over time is integrated into DAZN’s daily destination sports business, where possible. Whilst this market entry will be a learning phase, our goal is to provide sports fans with a fantastic recreational sports betting product for DAZN’s global sports fans community,” Kemp said.

“It is a journey, and we begin it now.”