Duetto Launches ‘GameChanger’

Duetto officially launched GameChanger, a web-based business intelligence application for integrated casino resorts, at last week’s Indian Gaming trade show.

Duetto, a company founded by gaming revenue executives with the mission of transferring business intelligence software from the hospitality industry to casino-hotels, officially launched its GameChanger web-based business intelligence application for integrated casino  resorts at last week’s Indian Gaming trade show in San Diego.

A two-year old company that has already generated industry recognition with its revenue technology installed at dozens of leading non-casino hotels, Duetto exhibited at Indian Gaming for the first time this year.

“We are excited to demonstrate our new GameChanger to the Indian gaming market as it was created by our team based on their own experience at casino resorts,” said Rory Fagan, director of casino sales for the company. “With it, we are leveraging advances in technology and access to data to change how casino hotels have traditionally approached revenue management.”

“We see enormous potential in every aspect of pricing at casino hotels and integrated resorts,” added Marco Benvenuti, Duetto cofounder and chief analytics and product officer. “For example, complimentary rooms. Legacy systems follow a simplistic comp or ‘no comp’ criteria.  Isn’t it better to offer a valued guest who would not otherwise qualify for a free night, a discounted room or some other incentive instead of nothing at all?

“Casino hotels are also failing to leverage the value of various room types. The goal is to always get the right guests in the right rooms at the right times, maximizing all potential revenue.”

To account for the expansion of non-gaming revenue, GameChanger takes a more comprehensive approach, determining the total value of each casino hotel guest by prospective gaming and non-gaming revenue potential.