Dutch Minister Opposes More Limits on Online Gaming

Franc Weerwind (l.), minister for legal protection for the Netherlands, told House of Representatives colleagues he opposes more limits on online gaming. He says limits to all online providers would be hard to enforce.

Dutch Minister Opposes More Limits on Online Gaming

Dutch Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind, who will soon be leaving this position, opposes more limits on online gaming currently, NL Times reported February 9.

He made the statement during a debate in the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) about the Justice and Security budget, opposing proposals by two opposition parties. They plan to introduce a financial gambling limit before the summer, something that a majority of the chamber is expected to support.

Weerwind argues that a limit that applies to all 27 online providers would be time-consuming and hard to enforce.

The minister also opposes a complete ban on gambling advertising. The proposal would expand a partial ban. He says the partial ban will be expanded over time. He wants time to evaluate the effects of the existing rules before expanding them,

Member of Parliament Derk Boswijk said he doesn’t understand Weerwind’s hesitation. Weerwind replied that he wants “facts first.”

MP Michael van Nispen counters that the facts are already in evidence and they show a rise in gambling addicts. He urged the minister to “to step up our game, especially to protect the young adults who fall prey to it.”