El Loco Coaster a Crazy Ride

The new multimillion-dollar El Loco rollercoaster has opened at the Adventuredome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Initial reviews have been great for the thrill ride, which includes a 90-degree sheer drop.

The El Loco rollercoaster is now open at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Planning for the coaster has been under way since 2009. It opened February 18 at the resort’s Adventuredome, the world’s largest indoor theme park.

El Loco features a 90-foot climb, a 90-degree “beyond vertical” drop, a 45-degree curve and a 180-degree turn into a barrel roll, reported Vegasinc.com. The ride’s maximum speed is just 45 miles per hour, but the steep ascent, sheer drop and mind-bending curves provide the thrills. The 1,300-foot course takes just 75 seconds. So far, riders have been enthusiastic.

“I was out of my seat more time than I was in it,” said 11-year-old Benjamin de los Santos of Utah. “The first drop was crazy. I accidentally said a bad word.”

“It was the best roller coaster I’ve been on in my life,” said 19-year-old Chris McKenna of Las Vegas, a lifelong thrill rider.

Each car has a sound system embedded in the frame for a multisensory experience.

Tom Nolan, vice president of operations at the Adventuredome, said El Loco should increase visitation to the park, which opened in summer 1993.

“Like parks all across the country, we know it’s important to keep the experience fresh, and we think this ride will do that,” Nolan said.

Tickets are $10 per ride.