Fewer Visit Vegas to Gamble, Study Finds

A recent study conducted by San Francisco based GLS Research asked visitors of Las Vegas for some information. What they got was rather interesting, and shows some new trends going on in Las Vegas.

Sure, we all are aware that Las Vegas is shifting to focus more on non-gaming offerings than ever before, but what exactly are the tourism numbers in regards to gambling. Well, according to a study conducted by GLS Research with in-person interviews, only 12 percent of people visiting Vegas come with gambling as the main focus.

One interesting trend noted that the average age of the Las Vegas tourist continues to drop quite dramatically. In 2010, only 10 percent of tourists were between the ages of 21 and 29. The study showed that now, that number is up to 17 percent. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority definitely benefits from such research to help better understand how to market the city.

When it comes to the average visitor, the LVCVA says it’s a married person, making $40,000 or more, who leave their kids, assuming they have any, at home. The average person also comes to spend $281.88 on food and drinks, $149.77 for shopping, and allows themselves a gambling bankroll of $530.11. They also tend to stick to the Strip, have little interest in comedy shows, and if a side-trip is planned, it’s usually to see the Grand Canyon. 96 percent said they had a good time.

Once people get to Vegas, 71 percent made a bet or two, which is in line with the number from last year, but down from 80 percent in 2010. Despite Las Vegas hosting 60 of the largest 250 trade shows and conventions last year, only 8 percent came for that purpose alone. Only 3 percent of people were in town for a wedding.

One interesting number shows the rise of people taking part in spa or wellness offerings. In 2010, the number was only 3 percent, but the most recent number showed up at 7 percent.