Four Suspects Involved in $225K ETG Scam at the Cosmo

A team of four fraudsters has been charged with cheating after winning over $225,000 in a scam involving the Azure Roll to Win Electronic Craps table (l.) at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas late last year.

Four Suspects Involved in $225K ETG Scam at the Cosmo

Four suspects have been charged with cheating in an electronic table game (ETG) scam at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas that netted the group nearly a quarter of a million dollars late last year, according to public documents reported by local outlet KLAS.

The documents, which included investigations from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), said that the group engaged in “dice sliding” while playing at an Azure Roll to Win Electronic Craps table, which is an ETG version of the traditional live craps game.

Essentially, by sliding the dice, the cheater prevents them from tumbling randomly, which allows for much more accurate predictions as to what number will come up; in other words, if the dice land in the same position as how you threw them, you will already know what to bet.

The four men—Oscar Rodriguez, Hau Ngo, Max Rappoport and Antcharaporn Kamonlert—were allegedly seen on video “both together on the table and away from it, during and after fraudulent dice sliding activities occurred,” per the filings. They were also tracked by their respective players’ cards.

NGCB investigators determined that before one unnamed player would slide the dice, he would alert the others by placing wagers in a distinct circular pattern. The method proved to be effective, as the team conned a healthy $226,000 in just a six-day period.

This total could be even higher, given that NGCB investigators said that there is a chance the group is responsible for a similar incident that took place at Resorts World Las Vegas in the same timeframe.

All four men face several charges, including one shared criminal case—a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for June 1.