Freeman: Welcome to the 2014 AGA

Geoff Freeman, the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, issued a new-year proclamation that is poised to reposition and strengthen the industry’s major trade association in 2014.

Freeman: Welcome to the 2014 AGA

The American Gaming Association—which has ably protected the gaming industry for 18 years—is expanding its focus to become the greatest advocate for gaming that the industry has seen. As demonstrated by our recent additions to the Board of Wynn Resorts, Station Casinos, Churchill Downs and Scientific Games, the AGA is generating tremendous energy across the gaming industry and pivoting as an organization.


Core components of the 2014 AGA include:


Shift from Defense to Offense: We will drive a research-based campaign that improves perceptions of gaming by illustrating the immense economic value gaming brings to communities across the country. This long-term initiative to champion the gaming industry will include groundbreaking research, aggressive communications and on-the-ground activities targeted to locations considering gaming’s expansion.


Act in the Best Interest of the Greater Good: In some instances, the AGA has deferred taking a strong position on issues that benefit the majority—from brick-and-mortar expansion to online gaming—if these interests were misaligned to individual member concerns.  This approach left the industry exposed in many markets, empowering gaming critics and allowing antiquated misperceptions of our industry to take hold. The new AGA will champion the industry’s immense value proposition in all corners of the country.


Expand Membership: The public does not make the distinctions among types of gaming that many in the industry do. The new AGA will consider additional representatives of the licensed and regulated gaming industry.  Potential additions to the AGA include select Indian tribes, lottery-affiliated companies, and others who meet our strict code of conduct.


Squash the Bugs: A core component of our members and the image of the gaming industry is the critical concept of licensing and regulation. But too often, unscrupulous, unlicensed and unregulated interests spread across the United States in the form of internet sweepstakes cafes, illegal online operators and in other nefarious forms. Licensing and regulation is a positive distinction for our industry and we are committed to eliminating those who do not make a similar commitment to governments and consumers.


The AGA is excited to become the champion of the entire gaming industry and the more than one million people whose careers are dependent on our continued success. Please let us know if you have thoughts on how we can better serve you and those that make this industry the vibrant success story that it is.