GAN Begins Partnership with Gaming Tribe

The creator of social gaming solutions has launched Simulated Gaming with an undisclosed gaming tribe based on the east coast. Game Account Network (GAN), announced the partnership last week.

Game Account Network Plc (GAN) has begun a new partnership with an undisclosed Native American casino operator located in the North Eastern United States, the gaming software group announced last week. Together they will launch a social gaming solution called “Simulated Gaming.”

“This client win highlights our continuing commitment to major Native American casino operators and the strong commercial appeal of our unique patented Simulated Gaming model,” announced CEO Dermot Smurfit. This is GAN’s fourth new client this year. Simulated Gaming was unveiled in 2014.

The company shifted its focus earlier this year when the CEO moved his family from the United Kingdom to Las Vegas. Some observers think that the company is positioning itself to take advantage of the possibility that the United States might largely legalize online gaming.

GAN previously signed an agreement with the Borgata in New Jersey.

In announcing the new arrangement, the company announced, “Following an extensive diligence process, GAN was selected for their deep capabilities in providing both real money and social gaming experiences from a singular technology platform together with the ability to deliver a custom-designed website/App wholly integrated into their on-property loyalty program and casino management system.”

Its Native American partner will be disclosed after the receipt of several commercial and regulatory consents.

Simulated Gaming was designed specifically for land-based U.S. casinos, and is suitable for the web, mobile platforms. It offers 200 casino and slot games, and table games such as poker, backgammon, dice and blackjack.

It is designed to increase traffic to properties and “delivered on average a 28 percent uplift in on-property theoretical win from increased visitation by existing patrons,” according to Gan.

It is estimated that about half of the casino customers in the U.S. are already playing social casinos on Facebook, a market with an estimated worth of $3.3 billion annually.