GAN, Internet Vikings Expand U.S. Partnership

GAN and Internet Vikings have expanded their partnership from two U.S. states to 15 states, extending operations to emerging online sports betting markets.

GAN, Internet Vikings Expand U.S. Partnership

The ongoing collaboration between a leading online gaming platform provider GAN and global hosting supplier Internet Vikings is being expanded. As of October 2022, the companies, which had been working together in two U.S. states since spring, partnered in additional thirteen U.S. states, extending their operations to the most important American and online sports betting markets.

“This cooperation is the start of a significant partnership for both parties, and we are looking forward to scaling in more states,” said Rickard Vikström, founder and CEO of Internet Vikings.

UK-based leading B2B supplier of gambling SaaS solutions GAN began working with Internet Vikings in April 2022 as part of its U.S. expansion. The latter is the first nationwide iGaming hosting provider approved in Nevada.

“Initially, the emerging U.S. iGaming and online sports betting market was considered extremely hard to enter,” Vikström said. “However, the rapid progress of our project has demonstrated that success in the United States is possible with the right at hand.”

Internet Vikings commenced its operations in the U.S. in early 2021. Since then, the B2B iGaming and online sports betting hosting provider has been adding one American state after another to its services portfolio. Today, the spectrum of its operations includes all major U.S. markets.

“Since the beginning of our agreement, Internet Vikings has proven to be a reliable and valuable partner,” said Blake Riley, director of B2B sports project management at GAN. “Their services complement our goals, and their support is a great asset to our business, driving growth and maximizing our potential in the U.S. market.”