Genesis Announces Social Solution

Genesis Gaming announced a catalog solution for social casinos that will allow integration of up to 20 games at a time.

Genesis Gaming Inc. announced a comprehensive content catalog solution for social casinos seeking a plug-and-play catalog of proven video slot content. This new offering allows a social casino to add 20 games in a single integration.

“We have been providing high-performing video slots for some leading social casino sites for a number of years,” said Geoffrey Hansen, managing director of Genesis Gaming. “We are taking our success and experience with these select social casino partners, and making some of our top real-money gaming titles available to social casino partners through a simple plug-and-play solution.”

Genesis has brought many real-money online games into a packaged bundle with a “per-game” subscription model, bypassing often difficult revenue-sharing formulas in the social gaming space and leaving more upside for social casino partners.

“We are offering a package that will make it easy for a social casino to expand its games portfolio,” said Baldy Rakhra, director of social casino business development for Genesis. “We recognize the value of proven content for customer acquisition and retention, and our proven real-money games from regulated jurisdictions in Europe are best positioned to provide our social casino partners with revenue growth and profitability.”

The catalog offering features both Flash and HTML5 content, and options are available for native clients on IOS/Android.