GGB Podcast: Ismail Vali, Founder and CEO, YieldSec

This week, we sit down with Ismail Vali (l.), founder and CEO of YieldSec, to talk about the company’s recent string of studies on the black market and how they’ve been received by the industry as well as the details behind YieldSec’s military-grade technology and its capabilities.

The illegal marketplace has long been public enemy No. 1 for the regulated gaming industry, and new research from YieldSec has posited that these nefarious activities actually dwarf the commercial sector by a wide margin. YieldSec’s founder and CEO Ismail Vali has made it a mission to confront these bad actors head-on, and has plans to expand these efforts to other forms of cyber crime as well. He spoke with GGB Managing Editor Jess Marquez via Zoom in April.

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