GGB PODCAST: Jason Gastwirth, Managing Partner, Interstate 15 Sports and Entertainment

This week the GGB Podcast is joined by Jason Gastwirth (L), the managing partner with his new company, Interstate 15 Sports and Entertainment to talk about how he hopes to leverage his vast casino experience in those fields to companies entering the gaming market.

Jason Gastwirth spent 15 years as president of the entertainment division of Caesars Entertainment. He pioneered superstar residencies at Caesars properties in Las Vegas and across the country. He left Caesars in late 2023 to form Interstate 15 Sports and Entertainment, joining with two partners to help guide hospitality companies seeking to enter the gaming industry in Las Vegas and beyond. He talks about how Las Vegas has recently become the center of the sports world to go along with its importance in the entertainment industry. He also explains how he helped Caesars develop its entertainment strategy to go along with the other non-gaming amenities it offers. Gastwirth spok

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