GGB PODCAST: The PA Skill Game Debate with Joseph Grad, Co-founder and Partner, Hensel Grad P.C.

The skill game debate is as prominent as ever across the U.S., but Pennsylvania has become the hotbed of the issue, thanks to high-profile court rulings as well as the ever-increasing amount of money at stake. In this special edition of the GGB Podcast, gaming attorney and former regulator Joseph Grad (l.) gives insight as to how this issue has evolved thus far and where it might be headed.

The regulated U.S. gaming industry is as diverse as the states and communities in which it operates, but few topics of debate have been as fiery and divisive as the proliferation of so-called skill games. In Pennsylvania, skill games have taken center stage, and the battle between casinos, law enforcement and skill game manufacturers has only grown more fierce as time goes on. In an effort to make sense of the issue and the potential pathways it may follow, longtime gaming attorney and former Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board regulator Joseph Grad breaks down the legal questions surrounding the debate as well both sides’ perspectives. Grad spoke with GGB Managing Editor Jess Marquez via Zoom in February.

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