GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: E. Sequoyah Simermeyer, Chairman, National Indian Gaming Commission

Far removed from its humble beginnings, U.S. tribal gaming is now a force to be reckoned with. But as the revenues rise, so do the stakes, and effective regulation is more important than ever. As chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission, E. Sequoyah Simermeyer (l.) is at the forefront of this effort, and his leadership will be vital to ensure that the sector continues to grow in a safe and sustainable manner.

As a federal agency, the National Indian Gaming Commission plays a unique role in helping to oversee and regulate a tribal gaming industry that is sometimes at odds with federal and local authorities. However, with over three years now at the helm of the NIGC, Chairman Sequoyah Simermeyer is more than capable of tackling some of the sector’s biggest challenges. He spoke with GGB Managing Editor Jess Marquez at October’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

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