GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: Earle G. Hall and Nimish Purohit, Chairman and Vice Chairman, IGSA

The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) has become a staple in the international gaming community, thanks in large part to its steadfast leadership and dedication to excellence. Now, with such leaders in place like Chairman Earle G. Hall (l.) and Vice Chairman Nimish Purohit (r.), the future looks as bright as ever, both for the IGSA and the industry at large.

Even though the technology of today’s industry is lightyears ahead of what it was 25 years ago when the IGSA was first founded, the ethos of service and common good still permeates through the organization, and there are no better examples than Earle G. Hall and Nimish Purohit, current chairman and vice chairman. Both are leaders who live on the cutting edge of the industry, and both are acutely aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls that lie ahead for the industry at large. They spoke to GGB Managing Editor Jess Marquez from their respective Las Vegas offices in August.

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