GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: Hector Fernandez, CEO, Aristocrat Gaming

This week, the GGB Podcast sits down with Hector Fernandez, the CEO of Aristocrat Gaming on how his company is sustaining its leading position in the slot manufacturing world.

GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: Hector Fernandez, CEO, Aristocrat Gaming

Hector Fernandez joined Aristocrat Gaming a little more than two years ago and ran straight into the pandemic. But he explains that instead of hunkering down and waiting for it to pass, Aristocrat turned up their creative juices and created new games, systems and ways to help casinos recover from the lockdown. He says that strategy is now paying off with high rankings in almost every phase of the EKG slot reports. He also talks about how quickly the company is growing and its new strategy to separate gaming, iGaming and social gaming into separate divisions. He spoke with GGB Publisher Roger Gros at Aristocrat headquarters in Las Vegas in May.

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