GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: Peter DeRaedt and Mark Pace, President and Vice President, IGSA

What started with an open letter from John Acres has transformed into something truly special—the International Gaming Standards Association has become one of the most important organizations in the industry in the last 25 years, thanks in large part to the work and dedication of its president and vice president, Peter DeRaedt (r.) and Mark Pace (l.).

The gaming industry of today is worlds removed from that of 25 years ago, thanks in large part to innovative figures and organizations such as the International Gaming Standards Association. Two huge catalysts for the creation and development of the IGSA are President Peter DeRaedt and Vice President Mark Pace, who have worked tirelessly over the last two and a half decades to standardize the industry we hold so near and dear. The pair spoke with GGB Managing Editor Jess Marquez via Zoom in August.

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