GLOBAL GAMING BUSINESS PODCAST: Tristan Sjöberg, Executive Chairman, TCSJohnHuxley

This week, the GGB Podcast features a discuss with Tristan Sjöberg, the executive chairman of TCSJohnHuxley, on the important issues confronting the industry and his company within the next year.

The table game market around the world is robust, thanks to a revival in interest in the games both in Asia and the U.S., as well in Europe, where they have always been popular. Tristan Sjöberg has been executive chairman of TCSJohnHuxley since 2012 and last year took over as CEO, as well. The company’s expertise in table games is unquestioned, but the recent mergers of the two largest slot companies suddenly puts them into the table game business, so Sjöberg is cautiously optimistic that his company has at least a short-term advantage. He talks about the popularity of table games and why he believes it will benefit the entire industry. He spoke with GGB Publisher Roger Gros at G2E Asia in May.