Golden Entertainment Focus on Shareholders

Golden Entertainment Chairman and CEO Blake Sartini (l.) says the company is focused on generating greater value for shareholders through maximum management efficiency four months after the new company was created by a merger between Nevada-based Golden Gaming and Lakes Entertainment, owner of the Rocky Gap Casino in Maryland.

Four months after completing a 1 million merger between Golden Gaming and Lakes Entertainment, Golden Entertainment is looking to grow its value for shareholders.

Golden Entertainment Chairman and CEO Blake Sartini says the new company will continue to run its Nevada businesses as efficiently as possible, but he wants to grow the company’s value to benefit its shareholders.

To do that, Sartini says the company will continue to operate as efficiently as possible to maximize profitability through superior management.

The merger gave Golden Entertainment ownership of the Rocky Gap Casino in Maryland, several casinos in Pahrump, Nevada, the state’s largest tavern business, and the state’s most lucrative slots route.

Through its Sierra Gold, PT’s, and Sean Patrick’s taverns, Golden Entertainment owns 46 taverns in Nevada, including about 10 percent of Clark County’s tavern capacity, Sartini estimates.

Sartini’s family maintains a 35 percent ownership interest in Golden Entertainment, after previously having complete ownership of Golden Gaming. Sartini is the Golden Entertainment’s CEO and chairman.

With the newly created company now being public with Sartini as its chairman and CEO, he says he’ll continue to maintain maximum efficiency for maximum value while running things from Golden Entertainment’s new Las Vegas headquarters.