Golden Nugget Atlantic City GM Suspended

Golden Nugget Atlantic City has been fined $30,000 by New Jersey regulators and its general manager, Tom Pohlman (l.), was suspended for three days in a settlement with New Jersey gaming regulators. The fines and suspension stem from the casino wrongly firing the Nugget’s surveillance director.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City will pay a ,000 fine and its top executive took a three-day suspension under a settlement over a personnel firing with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The fines stem from the casino’s firing of its surveillance director.

The division filed a complaint against the casino last month for “improperly terminating” the surveillance director in April. The director’s name and details of the firing have not been released.

The settlement states that Pohlman violated New Jersey gaming regulations by terminating the surveillance director without prior approval from Golden Nugget’s internal audit committee. According to state regulators, only the audit committee could fire someone in the position.

The surveillance director was first suspended and his e-mails and communications were directed to Pohlman. According to the settlement, Pohlman essentially took over the casino’s surveillance department and had the department’s supervisors report directly to him. That exceeded his powers as general manager.

“Prior to the termination of the director of surveillance, Pohlman would routinely contact the director of surveillance and attempt to guide the policy, purpose and responsibility of the department,” the settlement said.

Pohlman and other Golden Nugget employees will have to undergo “an in-depth review and training” on the regulations for the surveillance and audit departments.

According to casino officials, Pohlman has already served the suspension and new surveillance director has been hired.