GPI Details ICE Offering

Gaming Partners International will display a complete portfolio of table-game supplies, including chips, dice, playing cards and layouts, at the ICE Totally Gaming trade show.

Table-game supplier Gaming Partners International announced that it will showcase a new table layout, RFID offerings and a complete suite of table game products—including casino currency, playing cards, layouts and dice—at next month’s ICE Totally Gaming trade show.

“We are now excited to offer our full graphic EGC layouts to our European casino customers,” said a statement from GPI on the upcoming show. “Our EGC layouts provide sharp, full-color graphics that can duplicate almost any photo or sophisticated design with exacting precision.”

Customers will also be able to see firsthand demonstrations of the company’s new exclusive SMART RFID offerings. “SMART offers the latest advancement is casino currency RFID technology,” the statement said, “and when used with our Chip Inventory System (CIS) software, SMART delivers a complete currency tracking and authentication solution. SMART can be integrated with third-party software for optimum efficiency.”

GPI is the global leader in gaming currency, offering the largest selection of chips, plaques and jetons available with the latest innovations in design and gaming currency security features.

“Our newest line of B&G plastic injection-molded chips, the V-Series, was developed to provide customers an additional gaming currency option with advanced design flexibility and an unmatched level of available security features,” said GPI in its show announcement. “Beginning with the foundation of the chip, we developed the V-Series using a new, innovative and highly durable injection material formula. The chips offer the same color options and wide range of chip and decal security features as our original B&G JAV line of chips…

“Along with our currency offerings, we will be highlighting our extensive suite of currency security features. Customers can see demonstrations of some of our newer offerings including 3-in-1 UV and SecuriFilm. Our 3-in-1 UV is a security taggant that remains invisible under standard UV wavelengths but is revealed with a special device. Because it can be added to plastic injection-molded chip materials, it is easy to validate chips when placed in stacks or racks. SecuriFilm is used on a chip’s decal and features a semi-transparent hologram-like effect. SecuriFilm can be easily authenticated at the table and includes an additional covert security feature enabling a higher level of validation. Most important, unlike holograms, SecuriFilm is compatible with RFID chips.”

The company’s popular Gemaco branded line of playing cards, which includes two paper stock and two plastic card types, will be on the company’s tables and available for customers.