Gun Lake Casino Implements New Workflow Platform From Pulpstream

Gun Lake Casino (l.) in Michigan has adopted Pulpstream, a business tool that helps streamline employee scheduling and workflows, especially with regards to leaves of absence. The casino employs nearly 1,000 staff members.

Gun Lake Casino Implements New Workflow Platform From Pulpstream

Pulpstream, a business process management (BPM) platform, which is designed to help companies modernize and digitize workflows, announces that west Michigan’s Gun Lake Casino (GLC) has implemented and gone live with the no-code workflow platform in four short weeks. Through this integration, GLC’s leave of absence processes have been automated and brought in-house, upgrading and elevating their previous process.

Jose Flores, Vice President and General Manager for Gun Lake Casino said, “In today’s highly regulated environment, it’s important for us to provide up to date information and track it correctly for all of our Team Members. With that, we wanted to bring the leave of absence process in-house. Pulpstream was selected because it is able to produce better data analysis right at our fingertips. We want to provide a good experience to the entire workforce, and feel this is the necessary step in the right direction.”

GLC employs around 1,000 staff members, making it one of the largest employers in Allegan County, Michigan. With GLC previously relying on outsourcing to manage leave of absence, the process had become a pain point that led to GLC wanting to automate. They sought a solution that was not only flexible but able to support native organizations.

“The Gun Lake Tribe has always shown a strong connection to their community with their investments,” said Romy Malviya, Head of Business Development at Pulpstream. “Implementing Pulpstream’s BPM platform will make life much easier for the casino and the Team. After all, a leave of absence isn’t simply just ‘I’m leaving for the day.’ Our platform is customized to the complex situations, laws, regulations, and requirements that the native organizations must adhere to. The fact that it went live in one month is a testament to the flexibility of the platform.”

Without proper handling, a staff member’s protected leave can run into many issues, such as non-compliance risks. Pulpstream’s flexible platform can reshape any absence management experience by:

  • Automatically generating the proper forms
  • Storing key files and documents
  • Managing all aspects of the absence record in one location
  • Tracking the information needed to remain compliant
  • Sending out automated reminders