ICE Attendance Breaks Record

Attendance at February’s ICE Totally Gaming trade show and conference in London was officially audited at a record-breaking 25,497.

An independent audit undertaken by BPA has confirmed that attendance at London’s ICE Totally Gaming 2015 trade show found that attendance was a record-breaking 25,497, representing an 8 percent increase over 2014 and 15 percent more than 2013, the first year the trade show was held at the new ExCel Centre.

While the U.K. provided the single largest number of attendees at 10,717, the number of domestic visitors as a proportion of the total fell to 41 percent, underlining the show’s growing status as an international gathering of gaming entrepreneurs.

“On behalf of the entire Clarion team, I would like to place on record our sincere thanks to the exhibitors, visitors, trade association partners, speakers, delegates, regulators and our friends in the international gaming media community,” said.

Reflecting on the results, Kate Chambers, the director responsible for show producer Clarion’s portfolio of gaming brands, said, “who all played significant roles in making ICE 2015 not only the best edition in the event’s history but also the best event that I have ever worked on in any sector.

“We marked the 21st anniversary of ICE in February, and I think everyone who was part of that celebration of gaming will agree that the brand has certainly come of age. However, while it is gratifying to reflect on a job well done, exhibitions are judged on the here and now and not on the past. Our job is to focus on ICE 2016 and continue to make the improvements and enhancements which will help the brand that the industry has created to remain international gaming’s most favorite exhibition.”

Jo Mayer, marketing director responsible for ICE, added, “All of our key performance indicators including the number of pre-registrations, the conversion rate and ultimately the attendance, saw increases year-on-year, some of which were pronounced. The campaign targeted Germany and the United States, both of which saw a double-digit increases in attendance. Similarly, Asia and Latin America were both regions targeted for growth and attendance from Asia was up 41 percent and that from Latin America registering a 9 percent uplift.

“In total we welcomed attendees from 133 countries. The ‘Discover’ creative reached far and wide with representatives from jurisdictions including Suriname, Somalia, Swaziland, the Marshall Islands and Gabon—all making the journey to London.”