ICRG Appoints New President

The International Center for Responsible Gaming last week announced that Arthur Paikowsky has been named president of the organization, which is dedicated to conducting research into disordered gambling.

ICRG Appoints New President

The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) today announced the appointment of Arthur Paikowsky as the new president of the ICRG. His appointment will take effect on Oct. 4, 2021. Paikowsky replaces Dr. Russell Sanna, who joined the ICRG in 2016, and is now retired.

Paikowsky has served on the fund raising team of the Birthright Israel Foundation for 13 years. He has worked in the nonprofit organization sphere for 43 years and has served organizations that have raised one billion dollars for not-for-profit causes.

“We are excited to have Arthur Paikowsky join the ICRG in an important leadership role,” said Alan Feldman, chairman of the ICRG board of directors. “While the gambling industry has seen expansion into new areas and significant growth, unfortunately, funding for responsible gambling research hasn’t kept pace. As the leading global organization dedicated to such research, we are laser-focused on expanding our funding base by not only reinforcing traditional donor giving but also bringing new sectors of the industry into this critical endeavor.”

Prior to working with the Birthright Israel Foundation, Paikowsky served as a fund-raising consultant with Chai Hopes LLC and as executive vice president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix. He earned a master’s degree in social work at Yeshiva University.

“I am deeply honored to serve as the president of the International Center for Responsible Gaming,” said Paikowsky. “We have a tremendous board supported by a very capable team of professionals and this presents an opportunity to move the needle forward substantially. The research that we fund has advanced our understanding of gambling disorder light years ahead enabling us to educate, intervene and treat those who are suffering. I look forward to engaging with our current donors and future donors as well in the coming days.”