ICRG Receives $300,000 From Sands

Las Vegas Sands has contributed $300,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) to conduct research and education in the field of responsible gaming. Maria-Christina Annaloro, director of government relations and responsible gaming at Sands, discusses the endowment with ICRG Chairman Alan Feldman and President Arthur Paikowsky.

ICRG Receives $300,000 From Sands

The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) announced today a $300,000 grant from the Sands in support of research and education on gambling disorder and responsible gambling.

ICRG President Arthur Paikowsky praised Sands for its steadfast commitment to addressing gambling addiction and responsible gaming: “Sands has been one of ICRG’s leading donors for nearly a decade. Their support has enabled the ICRG to build the field of research on gambling disorder that will lead to effective treatment, prevention and responsible gaming.”

Donations from Sands have funded a variety of ground-breaking projects at the ICRG.

  • The first research-based guide, “Talking to Children about Gambling,” intended to reduce youth gambling.
  • The first website designed to reduce gambling problems among college students.
  • The first research project focused on training credit counselors to identify clients with gambling problems and offer support.

Maria-Christina Annaloro, director of government relations and responsible gaming at Sands, described the company’s commitment to responsible gaming.

“Sands has a best-in-class, global responsible gaming program that aims to reduce gambling risk and improve social safeguards to help our guests make informed choices,” she explained. “The Sands’ responsible gaming strategy includes five core pillars – team member training, Ambassador assistance (24/7), self-limit options, accessible and prominent signage for resources and partnering with organizations that support this cause—all designed to directly reach and help patrons before a problem develops. The Responsible Gambling Ambassador program was developed with leading experts in the field of Responsible Gaming so Sands can provide resources and support at the right time.”